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Epiphany Leeds - Creating The Oasis

Posted on 03 May 2017

When Epiphany (Leeds) got in touch with Bentleys and told us 'We need Something big, really big'... Epiphany were looking to create a calming and "relaxation" area for employees to use during breaks.  They wanted a quite Oasis that did Two things a) Created a relaxing area for staff to enjoy during breaks and b) Some Greenary to soften the hard exterior of their offices as the building is an ex Tetleys old brick building and it needed softening.  Also a pair of large 35yr old Olive trees to set out the Office entrance area.  We knew exactly what to do, just leave it to us! So the mission was to create that contemporary but traditional feel as the building had just had a luxurious rework, and it needed some tropical love.

After much meditating and study we finally decided upon some HUGE hat pot Ironstone circular pots around 1m x 1m diameter that originally came in this colour on the left:

Original PlanterPainted Planters

There were Ten planters required, Two with old Olive and Lavender under planting to give a contemporary yet chilled feel to sit astride the reception entrance and the rest to soften the relaxation area being created.

We custom sprayed the large Ironstone planters in Raven Black which is an extremely dark grey with a slight dash of purple, that looks amazing on larger planters. 

After Five coats of Raven and ten planters later, it was then time to prepare for planting.  We decided on mature 2m Chamaerops Humilis Palm trees as they always look stunning, create a superb look and are very low maintenance.  

You might be asking, how did you transfer those giant tree's into the pots to be?  Well after creating many other large items for many private and corporate customers we have got it down to a fine art.  Each item once built weighed in at 250kg and looked truly stunning.

Electric Winch


We use an 1 Ton electric winch to position the specimen trees into the large planters and specially designed heavy weight dollies allow us to move the items into place.  



After we delicately placed the tree's into the new Ironstone planters it's then a matter of securing the tree and making sure it's firmly in place for transportation.  We do often send items by pallet to customers who have contractors waiting to put them in place but if the customer is within the North of England we generally would do the delivery ourselves.

The Choice of stone topping to finish off the creations was a mix of 25mm and Topping80mm Scottish Cobblestone, which naturally goes well with the overall look.









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