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Instant Garden!

Posted on 15 March 2018

Bentleys are very excited to announce our return of the Instant garden set! Instant garden does exactly what it says, an easy way to fill your garden with wonderful plants while also adding architectural structure. You can create a themed feel such as a tropical holiday aura with the Tropicana set, which contains a variation of tropical palms. Instant Garden has also been designed to be very low maintenance so all the work has already been done and is extremely easy to keep them alive throughout the year.

The Instant Garden collection is remarkably good value for money ranging from £199 up to £295. This includes three to four premium professionally planted plants with a luxury topping of your choice (Plumb Slate - Scottish Cobblestone - Nordic Granite) all look amazing and further enhancing your garden.

Not for you? No problem, Bentleys instant garden offers more choice than ever! With different variations of the planters we're sure you will find something perfect for your garden no matter what the space.

If you would like to find out more you can check out our new reviews to get a more detailed look of which specific set you are interested in and more of what we offer, here is one of the reviews to give you a little taste of what an Instant garden set will look like on our patio and potentially even yours!

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