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Not Much We Can Do!

Posted on 01 March 2018

After battling with the weather since Tuesday we have had to throw in the towel due to deliveries.  Sadly we can package up our beautiful plants and trees but Parcelforce cannot guarantee to deliver them in the allotted time scales and what we don't want is your new plant or tree sat in sub zero temperatures for 4-5 days in a warehouse as the indoor plants really wont like it so we have decided they should stay over with us for a few more days until things turn back to normal.

We know some people won't be happy but sadly we want your item to arrive with you in great condition as normal.

Even with all the weather issues your delivery will only be 1 day late :) We think thats not too bad.

Just so you know that your purchase is nice and warm and being well looked after in 5* luxury with Bentleys for a couple more days.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused....

Paul Meakin - Founder

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