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Posted on 24 February 2018

Roto High Gloss Range

We are please to show you our new planter choices for 2018.  We have gone for a superb range of high gloss indoor/ outdoor planters called "Roto".  The sizes start at the small but perfectly formed 18cm and extend all the way to the giant 45cm version.  They are very adaptable and perfect for indoor plants for the office or the home and add a simplistic beauty to any space.  The Roto range is a very stylish and contemporary look and consists of many colour choices as you can see below.  We absolutely love this range and think that you will too.


The City Range

Also in our new range is the City planter.  Again this planter is perfect for both the home or office plants and again comes in a super range of colours.  Made from high impact Polypropylene it will make for a long lasting and very durable planter.  The sizes of this range are from 25cm to 45cm and will take the largest of plants and trees. 

The Natura Rattan Look & Tetra High Gloss Range

The Natura & Tetra range are a "High Cube" and give that extra little look of luxury and elegance to any plant or tree.  They can be supplied with or without a liner for indoor or outdoor planting.  The Natura has a Rattan effect look to it while thye Tetra is a very high gloss finish.  Both equally stunning but befitting different situations.  These are large planters and create instant architectural structure where ever they are placed.


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