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Posted on 22 May 2015


We had created a stunning design which incorporated bi-folding doors that opened up the interior of the house to stunning wood and stone deck and patio area, we were so excited on completion day when I could finally push open my lovely glass wall and walk onto my beautiful outside space, then it hit me.  It was so bare and soulless, we had concentrated so much on the house that our outside space was left lacking.  When you came to see us to discuss what would fit with our design I was so surprised that you just got our look and style so right.  We are ultra contemporary and every inch of our new house had been designed very bespoke and you were able to make our outside space compliment the whole house design, I would never have believed that a company like yours existed.  

I know we were quite hard to work with but you never showed it and the end result was truly stunning.  Your knowledge of design, planters, trees and other plants was such a reassurance and you were right I hardly have to lift a finger to look after any of them, incredible. 

Great work team.  My brother in law will be in touch next week.

Andy & Diane - Alderley Edge

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