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Large Areca Palm Tree 1.20 -1.30m Beautiful Quality Indoor Plant (Complete)


TWO Buxus (Box Tree) Topiary Cone Spiral 3ft (Complete As Shown)


Stunning Ficus Indoor Plant (Weeping Fig) - 1.4m Tall Complete with Planter


TWO Bay Tree Laurus Nobilis - 1/2 Standard Door Planters (Complete)


ONE Buxus (Box Tree) Topiary Spiral 3ft (Complete As Shown)


Indoor Plants Dracena Lemon & Lime Indoor 1m (Complete As Shown)


Large 1.3m Dracena Marginata (Dragon Tree) Variegata Indoor Plant in Planter (Complete)


Two Bay Tree Laurus Nobilis Corkscrew Spiral Door or Patio Planters 4ft (Complete As Shown)


Topiary Buxus (Box Tree) Ball 20-22cm Door or Patio Planter (Complete As Shown)


Dracena Marginata (Dragon Tree) Variegata Indoor Plant in Planter (Complete)


Pair of Bay Tree (Laurus Nobilis) 3/4 Standard 50cm Crown Head Door or Patio Planter (Complete)


Cycas Revoluta Palm Tree 60-70cm (sago palm) Indoor Home or Office (Complete As Shown)


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