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Bentleys White Glove Service

The Definition of a "White Glove Service"

When service is “white glove,” it implies that the service being provided is being provided by professionals who look, act, and talk the part of a customer service professional. I also associate white glove service with class, grace, and politeness as well. To provide white glove service, you need to make sure that:

  1. Employees are well dressed. Looking the part is important if you’re concerned with white glove services. While actual white gloves are more metaphorical in today’s time than they were 70 or 80 years ago, looking clean and tidy is necessary.
  2. Employees speak properly. If employees are walking around screaming or cursing, that’s obviously going to distract customers and lead them to form negative impressions of your company. It’s also important that your employees can use proper grammar and know how to articulate whatever needs to be said.
  3. Employees are empowered to do what’s necessary. People who provide white glove service don’t often say “I’m sorry, but we can’t do that.” If you want the level of service you provide to be truly exceptional, it’s important that the employees you’re trusting to provide that type of service are both allowed and to encouraged make decisions about what’s best in a certain situation. If the employees are restricted by a huge number of rules, policies, or procedures (that they don’t have the power to excuse themselves from in certain situations), the customer service experience will suffer.

Bentleys White Glove Service (Large items locally delivered)

At Bentleys of Pontefract, we believe that your purchase deserves a special degree of handling and delivery. To achieve the highest customer satisfaction, we provide a white glove delivery service that is designed to ensure that your purchase arrives damage free and in a timely manner.  











Once you place your order, your purchase is prepared for shipment and is delivered by our own vehicle. We will arrange an exact delivery time to fit with your requirements.. 

At your house or premises we will will place your item(s) in the area of your choice, unpack the item(s), and remove all wrapping materials from the residence. If you find signs of damage to your product, simply refuse delivery, and you will either receive a full refund or we will return any damaged item back to base and we then replace it with the exact same item.

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