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Ancient Olive tree

We recently received an order including a giant Olive tree originating all the way from Sicily, the largest Mediterranean island in Italy, that weighs over half a ton! so you can probably tell that it's going to be a little tricky transferring it from one location to another. The wrapping process was tough, demanding and hard work it took over an hour.

Firstly we had to wrap the base of the Olive tree and work our way up to the top while ensuring the safety of the tree as it is very delicate and need to be handled the right way, one wrong move could mean starting over.Olive tree transport
Once the Olive tree was full wrapped and secure, we then had to use a trailer to transport the tree to it's new home. When we say we ship anything, we mean it. This Olive tree is destined for a beautiful farm house renovation just north of Harrogate. 

We finally arrived at the location! The plan for the Olive tree was to plant it in it's bed surrounded by Buxus hedge to fill the bed with life and more personality.


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