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Desert Garden Patio Furniture & Décor

Patio FurnitureThe style of patio furniture you select for a desert garden is completely your choice. Whether you want a small bistro table and a few chairs, or an oversized conversation set and dining table for large parties, you will need to choose materials and place your furniture carefully. Nothing is worse than buying beautiful metal chairs and never being able to use them because the scorching desert sun makes them way too hot.

To get the most function out of outdoor furniture in the desert, select cool materials that will reflect heat. Avoid bare metal chairs and tables that will absorb and store heat. Make sure that wicker or wood furniture has been properly treated to protect it from intense sunlight. Furniture should be placed in a shaded part of your garden and take advantage of breezes when possible. Also, it is important that any pillows or cushions be made of UV resistant fabrics designed for the outdoors.

Outdoor DécorDesert gardens do not adhere to any particular décor style. You can decorate your garden with southwestern accessories, Japanese accents, vintage finds, or modern stylings. Desert gardens are defined by their low maintenance, low water plants, no their furniture, color choices or decorative elements.

The iconic mid-century modern houses of Palm Springs provide great examples of desert gardens featuring modern décor. Mid century modern décor for the outdoors is characterized by bold bright colors, geometric shapes, and abstract sculptures or fountains.

Lighting plays a crucial role in desert garden décor. It can add a sense of drama to your garden on warm summer nights. Position lights for function and safety as well as to highlight specific plants in your landscape. Solar lights are an excellent option for desert gardens because they can soak up plenty of sunlight and cut energy consumption. Soji modern solar lanterns are an excellent fit for modern décor.

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