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Flagstone Joint Options

Flagstone with Gravel Joints

Flagstone on sand with gravel joints solves drainage problems in tight spots between structural impediments.

Simple inch thick flagstones derived from locally quarried stone are the ideal problem solvers for a narrow site wedged between a retaining wall and the house. Here water shed from the driveway above can create drainage problems without permeable paving. Flagstone is one of the best for patios due to narrow pebble packed joints that allow every opportunity for water the percolate downward instead of running off. Pebbles help to integrate the flags into the gravel walkways using the same diameter materials. On the far side where the slope continues to drop away from the house, a wood deck provides yet another problem solver without restricting drainage.

Pro Tip
On coastal projects, DC West Construction of Carlsbad, CA must build to stringent building codes that strictly prevent any site drainage into storm drains. The result is beautiful stonework that hides a complicated infrasturcture of drainage and irrigation underneath paved surfaces. Flagstone with open joints for drainage may require at least a foot of excavation before laying the sub-base for a project. "We typically dig it out, then arrange drain line, which is topped with a layer of coarse gravel, another layer of fine gravel, then natural soil and irrigation before the flagstones are laid on top," says company owner Micah Helkenberg. This demonstrates how a seemingly simple flagstone patio can in fact be a complex "sandwich" of layers to achieve permeability and drainage.

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