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Instant Garden - Direct To Your Door

"Hi and thanks for taking a look at our new brand Instantgarden.club"  Take a look at how it works, we think it is a fantastic idea.

What We Do & How It Works

OK, this is the really important stuff.  We create full sets of fully planted up planters (i.e. with trees and plants already planted in them) that are delivered directly to your door, with nothing to do but for you to put them in place on your deck or patio or by your front door (if they are door planters).  We have created a number of styles for you to choose from i.e. traditional or contemporary, tropical, chilled and relaxed, in any colour you want with the right plants and trees for both look and feel your wanting to achieve (i.e. tropical, English country garden or maybe that chilled and relaxed feel) but only in the care skill level you are OK with (from "I kill everything" level to the "I'm the perfect gardener" level) .  

Each of our sets of planters are pre created in a certain style coupled with the look and feel you would like is what we call a  "collection" and each collection has various choices of sets within them and each create an instant garden that will always give impact and the real WOW factor.  We have lots of collections to choose from, each created in a specific look, style and feel and delivered directly too your door as a full set of planted planters,


and just ready to move into position,


no having to think about anything.......

as it has all already been done just for you.

Anyway if your as confused as I was when I first started to map this out, just dive right in HERE and take a look or if you want more confusion, sorry explanation, read on...........

Each planter or tree within the collection has been specially chosen to fit within the look and feel you require, with plants and trees (of a skill level you can cope with) professionally planted in the perfect growing medium in your chosen style of planter the perfect instant garden look and feel you have always wanted but never know how to create and we also supply the decorative stone, again of your choice, for the topping of each planter too so the look is complete.  No matter if you want stunning door planters for your front door or you are creating that perfect look and feel on your deck or patio we have the perfect, simple and easy solution just for you.



Our collections come in sets of 2, 3, 4, 5 or even more planted up planters so that you can achieve exactly the look you want no matter how big or small your space (and yes we do very big).  We even offer phone consultations and advice free of charge so that we can give you every option to create something truly stunning in the simplest way possible.

Style is a word that we use to encapsulate a number of other words that simplify our thoughts and feelings on all of the elements needed to create that prefect look such as:

  • Feel
  • Sence
  • Look
  • Correlation
  • Colour
  • Planters
  • Trees & Plants

Each of our style sets are designed with a certain feel in relation to the plants and trees we use (remember as we mentioned above, tropical, relaxed and chilled etc) as the main objective, followed by the design aspect so that the customer can have say a traditional look or a more contemporary style of planter if they choose.  For example our our "Chilled & Relaxed" collection was designed and created with the following brief with the main feel to be calm and relaxed:

"The Provence set is to, above all,  create a very chilled and relaxed feel incorporating plants and trees that would offer this look and feel in all sensory areas; sight, smell and sounds.  The prime core planting will be Olive, Bay, Lavender, Rosemary, Palm (limited versions), plants and trees with great correlation between each other.  The set must project a strong relaxing feel to be enjoyed alone or while relaxing with friends in an area that will make the client feel calm, transporting them to a place of visionary and sensory relaxation. The feel, when thinking of Provence creates in your mind. 

Note we don't mention the style of planter that the trees and plants are within as we offer a number of styles to meet everyone's taste from the very cutting edge contemporary to the stunning timeless traditional planters from the best manufacturers around the world.

No matter what your style needs, colour needs or what area you are looking to style we can meet them all and while we cover some very exclusive designs we also cater for all budgets.  We believe that everyone should be able to have great design no matter what the budget.

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