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Modern Outdoor Fountains

Fountains are an important part of modern garden design, which is characterized by refined forms, pure materials and the achievement of balance. Check out the photos below for ideas and inspiration for your own contemporary fountain design.

This fountain, located in a front courtyard, has a sophisticated aesthetic. The use of a single material and large, angular shapes give the design a very modern appearance, while the even spacing of the three waterfalls creates balance.

This low, rectangular fountain features a unique combination of contemporary materials. The back wall is stucco, the side wall layers of colored concrete and the basin wall is covered in black slate tile. The fountain features five spouts made from angled brass pipes. Modern fountains often have multiple spouts, usually in odd numbers to create balance.

Simplicity is the key to modern water features. Here three copper spouts pour into a square reflecting pool lined with small pebbles. The poured in place concrete walls were honed and polished for a smooth look. The focus here is on basic forms and simplistic materials.

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