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Outdoor Fireplace Styles

When it comes to a backyard fireplace, the design options are virtually unlimited. Backyard fireplaces can be built to suit any style—Southwestern, Mediterranean, modern, or traditional. Browse these awesome photos to get design ideas for your own outdoor fireplace project.

raditional Fireplace

Traditional outdoor fireplaces are typically constructed or faced with stone or brick. The firebox opening is often arched and a mantel and extended hearth are usually included in the design. A traditional fireplace will blend well with a ranch, craftsman or colonial style home.

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See an Ohio backyard terrace with a traditional stone fireplace.

Southwestern Fireplace

Southwestern style outdoor fireplaces are typically stuccoed to look like adobe. Colored ceramic tile can be used as a decorative accent around the firebox or along the edges of the fireplace. A stair step structure, instead of a straight or sloped chimney, will help add authentic Southwestern style. Another design option is to create your fireplace in the style of a traditional kiva. A kiva fireplace has a smooth, rounded shape that resembles a Mexican bread oven.

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Modern Fireplace

Modern outdoor fireplaces are characterized by clean lines and industrial materials. The firebox opening is typically rectangular and has no embellishment. Many modern fireplace styles don't narrow or slope inwards for the chimney. The overall design is very cube-like. Grey concrete is a common material of choice, and burn marks add to the effect.

A manufactured stainless steel fireplace can also be used in a modern garden setting. Here, the long rectangular fireplace was installed in a freestanding wall clad with wood salts.

Mediterranean Fireplace

A popular Mediterranean style comes from Morocco. A Moroccan fireplace usually has a simple structure. The defining factor is the use of colorful ceramic tiles to frame the firebox.

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