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Outdoor Fountain Materials

Outdoor fountains are made from many different materials. When selecting a fountain you should choose the material based on three factors: appearance, durability and weight. The most common materials for outdoor fountains are cast stone, fiberglass, ceramic and metal.

Cast Stone Fountains

Cast stone fountains can be molded into virtually any design. Well liked for their durability and authenticity, they are lighter than fountains carved from real stone, but have a similar appearance and texture. Cast stone sometimes refers to concrete, sometimes to a mixture that when hardened simulates natural stone. Either way, coloring can be added to the mix to achieve nearly any hue. Precast fountains can be obtained from manufacturers such as Campania International and Phoenix Precast Products, or you can have an artisan cast a custom fountain to meet your specific needs.

Fiberglass Fountains

Fiberglass fountains are designed to be lightweight, with some wall fountains weighing as little as six pounds. A fiberglass fountain can be finished to look like worn lead, weathered iron, antique copper, glazed ceramic or even aged stone. Fiberglass fountains are available in a variety of styles, ranging from contemporary designs to traditional tiered fountains.

Ceramic Fountains

Ceramic fountains are made from beautiful pottery. You can choose from a terra cotta fountain or a glazed ceramic fountain. Ceramic fountains are typically smaller than cast stone or fiberglass fountains, making them well suited for patios, decks and small gardens. Self-contained ceramic fountains can be obtained from fountain suppliers, or pottery can be purchased and turned into a fountain.

Metal Fountains

Cast metal fountains have a distinct, classical appearance. They tend to be ornate with statues of people or animals, like something you'd expect to stumble upon in an Italian courtyard. Popular fountain metals include bronze, copper, steel and aluminum. Over time, both bronze and copper fountains will develop a green patina finish, while stainless steel fountains will retain their shiny metallic finish. Metal fountains can be quite heavy, ranging from 100 to more than 200 pounds.

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