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Patio Placement Guidelines

Most people believe that a patio should be placed right off the back of a house. While this works in some cases, there are a number of other things to consider when determining the proper placement for a new patio.

Patio Placement Considerations:

  • Purpose of the patio
  • Proximity to the home
  • Available space
  • Sun and shade
  • Views

The most important thing to consider when locating a patio is function. Your patio should be placed in a spot that lends itself to what you want to use it for. For example, if you would like to use your patio for sunbathing, then you should select the sunniest spot in your yard.

Patio Placement Tips:

  1. Break up large patios to create multiple outdoor rooms. This will accommodate people's natural tendency to split into smaller groups.

  2. Place a small patio further out in the yard to create a destination. This patio can take advantage of views or provide a private retreat. Destination patios are a great place for a pair of chaise lounges or an outdoor conversation set.

  3. A cooking or dining patio should be located close to the house for convenience. You don't want to be carrying food a long ways from the indoor kitchen.

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