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Patio Size - How Big?


Working out the size of your patio space is so important. Many people end up with a patio that is the wrong size,either too small or too large. If your patios is too small it will feel cramped after adding furniture, planters and a BBQ. Patios that are too large lose their feeling of intimacy. Taking the time to determine the right size for your patio you will end up with a perfect designed outdoor living area that you can use for entertaining and relaxing.

Here are some simple steps to help you work out the right size for your patio:-

Step 1:How you will use the patio.

  • Dining & cooking on the patio?
  • Relaxing on sofa sets around a fireplace or fire pit?
  • Reading a good book, listening to the radio and relaxing?

Often you don't need to know too much about what will be happening on your patio but you can't determine a patio size without a full working knowledge of what will happen there. A good designer like Bentleys will know how much space is needed for your uses for the patio and what the industry standard minimum dimensions should be. These minimums are more important in smaller patios areas where space is at a premium and detailed space planning in needed to ensure all the needs are met.

The best place to start are what you think your uses for the space will be. These uses may include a cooking or BBQ area, a party area, any type of fire pit, eating and dining spot and other possibly an outdoor kitchen area. Each of these is important within the whole scheme and relationship to each other and are vital to predicting how the spaces are connected across common ground.  This is the area we loosely define as "the patio area".

Step 2:How many people you would like the patio to fit.

  • Just a few people be using the patio?
  • Will you be hosting parties with 10, 20, 30, 40 or more people?

Step 3:Measuring your back garden to get an idea of how much space you have to work with.

  • Now think about how big your patio can be as well as the best place for it to be.

Patio Sizing Tips:

  1. This patio size chart from will help you get a good idea for the size you need for your patio. It takes into consideration of industry size, shape and furniture arrangements.

  2. Always purchase your patio furniture first and set it out it where your patio will be. The size of your patio should be large enough to accommodate the furniture and potentially a larger group of guests than the furniture seats.

  3. Don't forget walk around space. Give an extra 2-3 feet of space around your furniture.

  4. It is much better to have a patio too large than too small as you will need space to dress the space with planters, shades, lighting to give the space a real designer look.

  5. Make sure the patio extends to all the individual amenities it serves as your cooking space maybe off to the right, dining to the left, a relaxing space nearby and so on.

  6. Beware of heights and if there is a larger drop due to land fall then think of including balustrade or railings..

  7. Orient the patio to exploit views both on and off site and also to make the best of the UK sunlight.

  8. Expand the patio size to take into account of shade as shadows move during the day.

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