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Picket Fences & Arbors

Decorative structures are an important part of cottage garden design. Structures should be made from natural, well-worn materials - the more rustic, the better. However, you always want to be sure they are structurally sound.

A familiar structure that will add lots of country charm is a fence. Enclose your garden with a weathered picket fence, or use part of an old fence as a decorative backdrop for prized plants. Picket fences are usually painted white, but a natural wood finish will look great also. A stone wall is another option for enclosing a cottage garden.

An arbor is another common structure in a cottage garden. Welcome visitors to your garden with a curved arbor made of wood or metal. A simple gate can be fixed to the arbor if necessary. For a whimsical look, plant climbing flowers at the base of the arbor. A garden trellis can also be used to add height to your garden or define separate garden spaces.

Finally, consider adding a potting station or shed to your cottage garden. This can be a simple wooden work bench that stores gardening tools, or a cute cottage-style building. Depending on your needs, a potting station, or shed, can be highly functional, or completely decorative. Wood is the best material choice; consider painting it a soft color that matches your plant palette

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