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Pond Placement

When installing a pond in your yard or garden the most important consideration is location. The placement of your pond will impact your enjoyment as well as the amount of maintenance required. When a pond is placed in a subpar location, it will likely be neglected and become an eyesore. Thus, it's essential that you spend some time considering your property and deciding on the best possible location for your pond.

The main consideration when placing a pond is visual appearance. Ask yourself where the pond will look best and provide the most visual enjoyment. Think about views from your yard and patio as well as the views from inside your home. Also consider what will be reflecting on the surface of the water. You can lay a mirror in different areas of your yard to determine the location with the most interesting reflection.

The maintenance of your pond will be much more manageable if you pick the right location. Ponds that are built under trees because of the desire for shade often end up being a maintenance nightmare because of leaf litter and debris that ends up in the water. Additionally, ponds that are installed in low-lying spots are subject to flooding and pollution during rain storms.

If you plan to grow aquatic plants or have fish in your pond, sunlight is crucial. Water plants need at least five hours of sunlight per day in order to thrive. Finally make sure that your pond is in a location that has easy access to electricity and water supplies.

Things to Avoid:

  • Overhead trees - leaf litter
  • Low lying spot - flooding and pollution

Things to Consider:

  • Views form your yard & patio
  • Views from inside your house
  • Placing on a slope - ideal if you want a waterfall
  • Reflection - test with a mirror
  • Sunlight - necessary for water plants and fish
  • Access to electricity and water

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