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What We Do & How We Do It

"Good design is good business"

Bentleys is not a garden design company or a landscaping company, even though we do have access to some of the most inspirational landscape designers in the business and some of the most skilled landscapers available.  Most people need guidence and help to achieve the look and feel they desire but with a long list of caveat's such as "low maintenance", "hard to kill" and "Wow factor" to name but a few.  In short what we do is help you create the perfect look and feel to any outdoor space you desire by listening to your needs no matter if you want to have a pair of stunning door planters to give personality to your front door area or you want to create a little piece of Provence on your deck or patio area with an outdoor kitchen, fireplace and beautiful furniture, we can make it happen. 


"Design without limits"

This being said most of our customers are still blinkered and bound by convention due to lack lustre, uninspirational and poor selection of products made available to them by Garden centres that have no real interest in the customers needs and are not capable of advising or inspiring their customers.  Here at Bentleys we are not bound by convention or the lack of product availability and often when we discuss what our customer needs it can become slightly overwhelming due to the lack of boundaries such as colour, design, the indoor out, product choice, size and so on.



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