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  • The Balcony or Patio English Garden Set (Complete As Shown)
  • The Balcony or Patio English Garden Set (Complete As Shown)
  • The Balcony or Patio English Garden Set (Complete As Shown)
  • The Balcony or Patio English Garden Set (Complete As Shown)
  • The Balcony or Patio English Garden Set (Complete As Shown)
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The Balcony or Patio English Garden Set (Complete As Shown)

£155.99 £199.99

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Our Service & Product Info

This beautiful set that is not only fantastic value for money but is perfect for any balcony, small decked area or patio encompasses the real feel of a quintessential English herb garden.

             "A great sensory experience,

                                         a beautiful look and feel"

This set comes exactly as featured with the stunning iQbanna planters and the best news is that they also come fully planted up so all you have to do is put them in place to create that beautiful green oasis.

Planted with statement plants and trees that have that truly English look and feel with (Left to right) Midi Bay tree (great for cooking), the stunning Rhododendron "Liquid Gold", first quality 30cm Buxus ball and the striking Buxus cone for real height and presence.  So easy to care for and will create an instant garden that has a designer tropical feel and can be added to any smaller patio garden area or balcony for instant personality.

Above are pictures of our actual items we will supply including the quality professional iQbana EPP planters, shot in our own studio so that you can get some scale of the item you are looking to purchase. 

A note from our founder:-

"Hi, my name is Paul, and I founded Bentleys.  I really appreciate you taking the time to look at our products as I have taken a number of years to find the best suppliers in Europe so that you can have the best quality trees and plants.  To many you are just another customer but to me and my team you create our reputation and we only want to deliver the best to you.  If at any time you are unhappy with your purchase then you are free to call or email me and I will personally deal with any problem you may have - Paul, Bentleys Founder"



The main reason you should buy from Bentleys is because we show you exactly what you are buying, not an image of what your purchase will look like in years to come, like many others.  We show you genuine images shot in our own studios of the item you are buying......ALSO



We are Internet market leaders in our field and our customer base is growing every day, week and year. We innovate, create and challenge every day.

Our main focus is on making things easy for our customers and no doubt this is why we have an excellent customer retention record.  Our staff take great pride in their work and also in our product, our planters, plants and trees.  They also understand it is our actions that help us maintain our customers come back to us every time they need our services, so you can be confident that they will go that extra mile on your behalf. We make it easy for you to have stunning and beautiful; we offer great value for money; we do what we say we will do; and we will not let you down.

Our mission

To maintain our position as one of the UK's best providers of of decorative plants and trees and to make sure that every home or business can have access to beautiful design, helpful advice and quality products.

Our aims

  • To understand our customers’ needs and provide them with excellent service; we have spent time getting to know and understand our customers and their many needs; no customer is too small to give all the help we can.
  • To be easy to work with; we take the burden from our customers, and make ourselves easy to do business with, with simple processes and easy to follow help and advice.
  • To provide a culture in which our staff learn and develop; we invest in our staff and provide continuous PD training ; as a result we have an engaged, committed and motivated workforce.
  • To make life easy for our customers by creating clever solutions to fit our clients needs.
  • To provide value for money; we price all our items competitively without cutting corners.
  • To innovate: we continuously develop and improve our service; many elements of service we supply mean that we lead and don't follow..
  • To provide breadth of service reach: we have a UK-wide service network, enabling us to provide a true single-source national service.

Our case studies will show you how we have helped many other customers, and how we can help you.

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